KC IT Professionals Lecture Series: A developer-oriented take on messaging for Enterprise Applications – Presented by Dru Sellers (4/7/2010)

Kansas City IT Professionals has been successful in organizing multiple event types, from pure networking to roundtables based on specific IT disciplines. Since this site has been newly launched, I’ll cover our most recent event.

Dru Sellers

On 4/7/2010, we were pleased to have Dru Sellers ( blog | twitter | site ) present a developer oriented topic at the first KCITP Lecture Series.  We only have to look at Amazon SQS and the rise of languages like ERLANG today to see that messaging is a hot subject. But why? In this lecture, Dru addressed the topic of bringing a message oriented architecture into your enterprise.

We were very fortunate to have captured this session on video, as Dru provided a ton of great content! Here’s his blog post on the event, which lists the books discussed during the presentation.

KC IT Professionals: Dru Sellers presents a developer oriented look @ messaging for enterprise applications from KCITP on Vimeo.