Monthly Archives: November 2010

Are you taking technology for granted?

I recently watched an incredible presentation by the database team at Facebook on how they make MySQL scale. I was blown away by the OLTP stats (13 million queries/s peak?!) as well as hearing about the problems they encountered and resolved. It spurred thoughts of the enduser: their perceptions, experience and reliance on that particular technology. I then started thinking about the people that support these products we depend on.

4200+ KC IT Members…. we’re just getting started

On 11/1/2010, KC IT Professionals surpassed 4,200 members since opening publicly ~27 months ago. A milestone like this provides an opportunity for reflection.
When I look back on the initial days of this group, I’m blown away by how far we’ve come. Being involved in something like this has been one of the most rewarding life experiences on so, so many levels.

Whether you’re a veteran or new member of KC IT, I hope to give a some insight as to how we arrived at where we are today.