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Speech Bubble by Alice BartlettPart of our platform is to share our knowledge and/or learn from others. We’ve organized a few successful events in this area, such as a developer presentation , a virtualization roundtable and SQL Saturday. As the group grows, I think more & more about all the expertise that’s locked up amongst our 4400 members. This is knowledge/experience that other individuals in the group would benefit from. It’s time to scale things out.

Starting today, we’re accepting submissions and/or suggestions on technology focused topics.  Here’s an opportunity share your expertise with us via different delivery methods! Submissions will be carefully reviewed, but not all will be accepted. If there’s an interest, there will be a follow up. Submit yours today! <— You must be a member of KC IT Professionals in order to deliver your presentation.

(Please note: this is not a forum to pitch your company’s services/products)

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  1. Mark Brigman

    This is an awesome idea and something we need to do more of in Kansas City! Knowledge is power and we need to share it. I have had the pleasure of meeting a lot of the very sharp people in the KC IT Professionals group. A well organized knowledge share stands to unlock many doors to business prosperity – which helps us all.

  2. Mark Ford

    I’d like to suggest a discussion around security controls. Not what to protect against, or how to protect against it; rather how to ensure that your protections are being kept current and maintained. The process behind security rather than the procedures of security.

  3. Darren

    Is it too late to alter the form to include “Either” for the delivery method? My presentation submission could be done either online or in person.

    (I think I left it on “Online”, but now that I think about it — it might be easier “In Person”)

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