7 reasons why KCITP’s upcoming Mentorship Kickoff Happy Hour is the place for you!


Have you heard about Kansas City Information Technology Professionals upcoming Mentorship Kickoff Happy Hour, presented by AdventureTech? πŸ™‚


It’s happening on April 6th, down at McFadden’s from 5:30 – 7:30:Β http://www.kcitp.com/?p=1823

This is event is not *only* for experienced IT professionals who want to mentor and developing technologists who want to be mentored…but it’s ALSO for those IT professionals who may not have the time to dedicate, but want to show up and support the cause!


Here are 7 reasons why this event is the place for you on 4/6:

1) Geeks that are passionate about their careers and the IT community will be there to participate!

2) Being around enthusiastic people about helps get you motivated about your OWN career!

3) It’s a *welcoming* and relaxed environment, you’re amongst people that love solving problems with technology solutions.

4) There are 6 topics, one of which will surely going to encompass your skillset/interests!

5) You’re not limited to the topic area you registered for – you may move around!

6) You can learn something, whether you’re relatively new in the field…or an expert…AND you can make new friends!!

7) You’ll get some great appetizers and have a chance to win a Flipcam!

Register TODAY, don’t miss out on your chance to attend this awesome event:http://www.kcitp.com/?p=1823

I want to personally thank all of you for your support of KCITP…please watch this video: 5,000+ thanks in 1 minuteΒ http://bit.ly/eDhzM1

Hope to see you on April 6th!


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