Kansas City Google Fiber: over 100 miles Of Fiber Hung!

Kansas City Google Fiber Construction Update

More updates on the Google Fiber project in Kansas City today!

From the Google Fiber blog:

A few weeks ago we announced that we’d started hanging fiber on utility poles throughout Kansas City, KS and Kansas City, MO. Construction is now in full swing and our crews have already hung over 100 miles of fiber!

Q&A with Google Fiber Project Manager

The Google Team Blog has a Q&A with John Toccalino, who is a project manager for the implementation. Several insights into the progress of the project were revealed!

According to the interview, Toccalino stated that cables were being routed into equipment aggregator housing, referred to as “Google Fiber Huts”.

See the diagram below from Google’s blog as to how the cabling will flow from these huts, to utility poles…and then directly to subscriber homes!

A diagram from the Google Fiber blog

The interview also discusses “Gigabit Symmetric Fiber Connectivity”. Toccalino explains this means that “our users will be able to download and upload files at the exact same speed”!

Toccalino goes on to give several key pieces of information about the current focus of construction in Kansas City Kansas and Kansas City Missouri:

“We’re working on 2 pieces of fiber infrastructure right now: installing fiber and building the Google Fiber Huts”.

According to the interview, the huts are halfway completed, but there’s still a way to go before the infrastructure is implmented.

Once this infrastructure is complete, Toccalino states that “we can move to the next step where we’ll be connecting fiber to homes”.

Exciting updates about this project which will change KC! Read the whole post here

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Kansas City IT Professionals: Google Fiber interview w/ CEO Of Symantec from KCITP on Vimeo.

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