5 Google Fiber Kansas City Stories You Might Have Missed

5 Kansas City Google Fiber Stories You Might Have Missed (Fiber Optics by netik, on Flickr)We’ve covered a lot of material on the Google Fiber Project in Kansas City.

Just as data moves quickly through a gigabit speed connection, so does the news on this topic. We realize you may have missed some of our top stories, so without further delay…here they are:

  1. Kansas City Google Fiber: over 100 miles Of Fiber Hung!
    John Toccalino, a project manager for the gigabit implementation discusses progress updates Read More
  2. Google Fiber interview w/Enrique Salem, CEO of Symantec.

    Mr. Salem discusses what ideas might be built on high speed connectivity in Kansas City, and what challenges/opportunities there might be in terms of security. Watch the Video

  3. Google Fiber Kansas City: edging technology can speed deployment.

    Learn about the edging technology that can help speed deployment of Google high speed internet in KC. Read More

  4. Google Fiber Kansas City Mentioned By Eric Schmidt!{VIDEO}

    Learn what Eric Schmidt said when asked about what the ramifications might be for a gigabit speed network. Read More

  5. Stanford gets sneak preview of Google High Speed Internet! What Does It Mean For KC?

    According to an article in the the KC Star, some of the staff & faculty at Stanford University got early access to gigabit speed connectivity via Google. What does it mean for KC? Read More

There you have it, 5 top stories about the gigabit speed project in KC!

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