Panel Discussion: How Are Kansas City Companies Using Big Data? {Video}

Kansas City IT Professionals - Big Data: The Future Of Insights Panel

Grant Stanley speaks on our Big Data Panel

We’re excited to publish our 100th blog post AND present the 2nd in a series of 3 videos from our Kansas City Big Data: The Future Of Insights event!

This video consists of a panel discussion from the event on how Kansas City companies leverage Big Data. We curated a group of experts such as: data scientists, engineers, data analysts and leaders from companies Adknowledge, Cerner, Spiral16 and Contemporary Analysis.

Big Data Panel Participants

  • Ryan Brush – Distinguished Engineer, Cerner
  • Wesley Kerr – Team Lead, Machine Learning, Adknowledge
  • Ben Hemphill – System Architect, Cerner
  • Scott Kahler – Data Platform Admininstrator, Adknowledge
  • Aaron Weber – Product Architect, Spiral16
  • John Young – Director, Data Analytics, Adknowledge
  • Grant Stanley – CEO, Contemporary Analysis

read more about the participants & their bios

Big Discussion

Given the wide array of our panelist’s skills and expertise, these questions generated insightful answers:

  • What advice would you give to people who are thinking about implementing Big Data in their own enterprise?
  • What support does an organization need for Big Data?
  • What are some trends you’re seeing in Big Data?
  • How do individuals learn to work with Big Data?
  • ..and more

Kansas-City IT Professionals Big Data Panel - Technology Event

Big Data Panelists Aaron Weber and Grant Stanley

Kansas City Big Data Panel Video

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  1. Sundar

    How did you identify your big data problems? What are the big data you (organization) have (eg. social media)? What are the key business problems you are trying to solve using big data solution in short term and long terms? Why other existing solution cant solve these business problems?

    Thank you everyone.

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