4 ways to save BIG on Compute Midwest tickets, Hackathon Prize Updates & More!

We’re excited to share several updates with you about Compute Midwest!

For those who follow/participate in Kansas City IT Professionals…this is the most ambitious event we’ve done yet! Compute Midwest is a jam packed, multi-day event , including:

  • A conference about emerging tech & ideas on November 9th
  • A hackathon for developers & designers on Nov 10th-11th

Note: 3 types of tickets are available: conference, hackathon or conference + hackathon!

First things first

Before we get to the discounts, here are a few notes on conference speakers & prizes


DEVELOPERS: want to build apps in 24 hours on APIs and win prizes? So far we have an iPhone 5, a Go Pro Hero camera, $500 in amazon gift cards up for grabs, and more….. with more prizes coming soon.

Also, a VERY special announcement for this segment of the event is coming up soon….make sure you stay tuned. 🙂


Happening at the Kauffman Center for Perfoming Arts, we’ve got some rockstar speakers from disruptive startups/tech companies in the cloud/mobile space.

Don’t miss out, register TODAY!!
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Compute Midwest Discounts

Here are 4 ways YOU can save BIG:

Persuade Your Manager To Pay

Some people have requested ways to pitch this event to their boss/company, so we’ve provided a letter which could help you formulate a business case.

Here’s how to use it:

1. Click here to view the document.

2. Copy and paste the template into an email

3. Customize the text as needed.

4. Send to your manager!

5. Tell your colleagues about the event & share the letter with them, so they can send along for approval too!

Group Ticket Purchase

Do you have a group of tech friends/colleagues that want to go? Contact us with the # of how many people you want to send along with the ticket type (only good for conference or conference + hackathon). You can save up to 40% or more, based on the group size and ticket type!

Referral Program

Not sure you can get enough people together quickly enough to take advantage of group ticket purchase?
Refer your colleagues & save 10% for each person that signs up. If you refer 10 friends, your ticket is free!

Learn more here

Sponsor Compute Midwest

Get exposure & discounted tickets.

We have the ability to provide vast exposure within a targeted market: approaching 10,000 members on Linkedin, almost 3,000 followers on Twitter and 1600+ on Facebook, amongst other social channels.

This didn’t happen by magic. It happened by thousands and thousands of hours of hard work. Fun, but hard 🙂

The companies that support KCITP events are the ones who are going to get our full support ….which includes exposure through channels like the ones named above.

This can help raise awareness about your company in many ways and make a difference for your business.

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