Dare Mighty Things: How We Took One Epic Leap…21 Miles Into Space [VIDEO]

Compute Midwest Space Launch

What does it take to reach for the stars?

Watch this breathtaking video of our 21 mile journey into the stratosphere and discover an inspiring story about never giving up.

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Fascinated by space? Join us to hear from Jordan Evans, Engineering Manager for NASA’s Mars Rover Project – he’s one of 8 amazing speakers at our Compute Midwest conference on October 25th.

Compute Midwest Space Launch

Dare Mighty Things

The motto first uttered by Teddy Roosevelt and most recently adopted by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab, inspired us to push our boundaries.

Could we travel to space?

To find out, we teamed up with a group of talented students from the University Of Kansas Engineering Physics Student Organization (PESO) to help us get there.

Although the 21-mile journey into the stratosphere only took a couple of hours, the balloon burst(s) caused a deformation of the antennae for the on-board GPS transmitters… making it incredibly difficult to locate precisely.

After searching for two days, the payload was located and recovered, fully intact! Thanks to our incredible team of KU PESO students & KCITP community members who never gave up hope; without them, this mission would not have been a success.

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