An EKG For Your Smartphone? This FDA Cleared Innovation Is The Future Of Mobile Health


Image Credit: AliveCor

Can smartphones change the future of healthcare?

Learn about an FDA cleared mobile heart monitor that could change the world.


Image Credit: AliveCor

We’re excited to announce our seventh incredible speaker for the Mobile Midwest conference: Dr. David Albert, co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer of AliveCor.

With the aim of allowing “everyone to have their health at their fingertips”, he invented a mobile electrocardiogram (EKG) monitor that’s been FDA cleared.

One doctor used it to diagnose a man complaining of chest pains at 30,000 feet:

Eric Topol, MD, one of the physicians testing the AliveCor iPhone ECG … used it to help determine that a passenger on a flight he recently took was having a heart attack, prompting the pilot to make an emergency landing so that the passenger could be taken to a hospital.

via PC Mag


Image Credit: AliveCor

Consisting of a case that that attaches to an iPhone or Android device, AliveCor’s Heart Monitor administers the test & results through AliveECG, their mobile app.

Individuals suffering from existing heart conditions (as well as those at risk) have the ability to track and record heart health, then submit to their cardiologist for further analysis.

How does it work? Watch this 2 minute video

About Dr. David Albert

DrDavidAlbert David is the Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of AliveCor – inventing a mobile electrocardiogram (EKG) monitor that’s been FDA cleared.

Dr. Albert was named the Digital Health Entrepreneur of the Year by Forbes in 2013.

As a physician, inventor and serial entrepreneur – Dr. Albert developed medical and other life-saving technologies and products over the last 30 years. He turned a number of those innovations into tech startups with several exits (including one to GE Healthcare, where he then served asChief Scientist of Cardiology at GE Healthcare).

He’s been issued 40 US patents & authored or co-authored over 60 scientific abstracts and publications principally in the Cardiology literature.

Dr. Albert graduated with Honors from Harvard and from Duke University Medical School.

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