How This Kansas City Code School Is Changing Lives

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How can a code school in Kansas City make a difference?
Discover 3 meaningful stories of lives changed through education.

Over 7 years KCITP has grown to one of the largest tech communities in the nation.

We do the Compute Midwest conference (coming Oct 22nd & 23rd, with SpaceX, Self Driving Cars, Stephen Wolfram & so many more). This world class event has been featured in Forbes (8x), Inc., Fast Company and more.

Events are great – but we wanted multiple ways to make an impact, so we created The Disruption Institute, where we focus on education.

code school in kansas city

Right now, we teach people how to build mobile apps in a 10 week period, but we’re excited to expand our programs in 2016 (Android, web & more).

Whether someone has software development experience or not, what we offer is a fit for anyone who is motivated. It’s not about code – it’s about mindset, and those who never give up will be successful in this….and almost any endeavor in life.

We’ve seen success from students who exemplify these 3 types of commitment.

Stories Of Success

Here are some meaningful stories about how people’s lives have been changed by learning to code. There are many more still yet to tell.



Andrew went from zero coding experience to Senior Mobile Developer at IBM in less than 2 years….because someone gave him a chance.

Read his story: Why You Should Give Someone The Chance You Never Got


Dawon served 9 months in Afghanistan and now he’s changing his destiny through code.

Watch his inspiring story in the above video.


Sree took a break in her career as an IT business analyst to care for family.

Now she’s ready to return to the workforce as an iOS developer. Below you’ll see one of her apps in action. Learn more here: Mom Learns To Code, Creates New Future For Career & Family

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What Else Have They Built?

Below are some product shots of just some of apps that our graduates built and/or worked on.

Do You Want To Build A Better Future?

Learn To Code Kansas City - The Disruption Institute These students learned how to build apps – and so can you.

Are you motivated? Apply for our next class – take control of your destiny and apply today!

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