3 Secrets To Winning A Hackathon

Hack Midwest- Kansas City Hackathon

Hack Midwest- A Kansas City Hackathon

Do you want a leg up on the competition at Hack Midwest?

Today, we’re sharing tips & video clips compiled after witnessing several winning ideas at our past hackathons in Kansas City. Read on and increase your odds of winning awesome prizes at our 24 hour code-fest!

Hack Midwest - A Hackathon In Kansas City

Build A Balanced Team

The Team

Build a team that’s passionate, just like you. There are few things that drag a team down more than lack of commitment.

Make sure it’s balanced with the right mix of skillsets:

  • Design + UX
  • Front-end developer(s)
  • Back-end developer(s)

Great design apparent in most of the winning ideas we’ve seen. Do everything you can in order to find & bring a great designer along!!

The Idea

Hack The Midwest- A Kansas City Hackathon

Done Is Better Than Perfect – Facebook

Solve a problem.

Is there a tool you wish you could build for yourself?

Is there something that might make your life easier?

Visualize what your solution might look like and then work backwards toward building a Minimum Viable Product.

Focus on the core idea: we’ve seen too many teams try to add tons of features and then run out of time. This spells disaster when it’s time to demo.

Hack Midwest - A Hackathon in Kansas City

Deliver Your Best Pitch!

The Pitch

You’ve got 3 minutes to tell the judges about your hack, so make it count!

Tell a story about the problem and share a couple of reasons why your team built this solution.

Show us what it does (make sure you’ve got a finished product to demo). Perhaps you might get creative – find a way to engage the audience.

Don’t focus on the technology – we don’t care if you hammered out 10,000 lines of python, used NoSQL and jQuery.

However, DO tell us if you’ve used a particular API from our API sponsors!

Watch a couple of short winning pitches from last year’s Hack Midwest:

Have You Registered?

DON’T wait till the last minute to register – we’ve sold out our last 2 hackathons!

Don’t forget – we’ve got thousands in prizes up for grabs!

Developers, Designers & CS Students: what are you waiting for? Register today for Hack Midwest… spots are limited!

Hack Midwest- Kansas City Hackathon

Hack Midwest- A Kansas City Hackathon

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