DARPA’s Director Of Innovation Set To Speak At Compute Midwest!

DARPA’s ATLAS Robot (photo courtesy of DARPA)

Do you want to be inspired? Learn about our latest Compute Midwest speaker & some of the incredible, world changing technologies his agency is working on!

Dan Kaufman is the Director of Information Innovation Office @ DARPA & he’s the latest speaker addition to our incredible lineup at the Compute Midwest conference (presented by The Disruption Institute).

What Is DARPA?

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is an agency of the U.S. DoD (Department Of Defense).

They helped to create countless innovations such as: the internet, GPS, stealth aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles & more.

Today, their work continues on building world changing innovations that allow “a future in which we can do extraordinary things“.

For example, one of their most high profile projects as of late is ATLAS, a “Search & Rescue” humanoid robot.

Other notable projects include:

…and more

About Dan Kaufman


Mr. Dan Kaufman is the Director of the Information Innovation Office (I2O) at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).

He is responsible for identifying and creating promising new information technologies and developing DARPA programs to exploit these advances for the benefit of the DoD (Department Of Defense).

Prior to his current role, he served as the DARPA Defense Science Office (DSO) Program Manager for the RealWorld Program, a computer system designed to allow soldiers to rapidly create their own mission rehearsal scenarios in geo-specific terrain over a scalable and fully distributed network

Before joining DARPA/DSO, Mr. Kaufman has worked at Auratio Consulting, Kalisto Entertainment and served as Co-Chief Operating Officer at Dreamworks Interactive

Mr. Kaufman co-authored an 800 page textbook entitled: Corporate Partnering: Structuring and Negotiating Domestic and International Strategic Alliances. He has lectured at Harvard, MIT, Stanford, and U.C. Berkeley.

Watch the inspiring, 1 minute Compute Midwest Conference video above!

About Compute Midwest


Kauffman Center For Performing Arts – Ranked 3rd Most Beautiful Concert Hall In The World

As seen in some of the world’s top tech publications like Forbes, Fast Company and The Next Web, Compute Midwest is a 2 day convergence of tech: new people, new ideas and new frontiers in Kansas City.

With 1 conference, amazing speakers (including the founder of iRobot & CTO of IBM Watson), a hackathon and more, Compute Midwest provides a fantastic opportunity to connect you with 500+ forward thinking tech minds.

Join us on November 13th at the beautiful Kauffman Center For Performing Arts.

Get inspired & learn about what’s next in technology – straight from tech leaders, startup founders & visionaries.

Hear the stories of innovators who are building companies that change our life, our work & our business.


Andrew Hessel – Autodesk’s Futurist – Speaks At Compute Midwest 2013

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