Google Fiber Kansas City: Cable hanging begins today

Google Fiber Kansas City: Cable Hanging Begins Today (image credit: optic by kainet, on Flickr)

According to an article in the the KC Star, the cables responsible for high speed connectivity will start being hung today in Kansas City, Kansas!

““At first, we’ll focus on building this solid fiber backbone,” Lo wrote. “Then, as soon as we have an infrastructure that is up and running, we’ll be able to connect Google Fiber into homes across Kansas City!”
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If you recall, the news broke a few weeks back about how the Google Fiber project was delayed in KCK due to a dispute on how the wires would be hung.

Today brings exciting news that things are moving forward:

The work starting today follows months of intensive engineering to build the network. Google says it has about 100 people in the Kansas City area working on the project, in addition to other staff at its global headquarters in Mountain View, Calif.
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Are you excited about Google Fiber? Do you believe it will make a difference for KC?
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