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Patrick Pichette, CFO of Google - Announces Google Fiber Launch in Kansas City

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Revealed: 3 Winning Submissions For The Disruption Institute’s Fiber Mobile App Idea Contest!

We’re excited to share the winning ideas for our Fiber Mobile App Contest which awarded scholarships to 3 to individuals with the most innovative mobile app ideas that leverage Google Fiber! Read More

The Disruption Institute Announces Support Of Sprint & Others, Launches Fiber Mobile App Idea Contest

In our pursuit of of making Kansas City a world leader in mobile innovation, we’re excited to share two fantastic updates today… Read More

Google Fiber, Mobile Innovation and The Disruption Institute [VIDEO]

We have a big opportunity with Google Fiber and we’re all trying to imagine how it will impact the future for Kansas City and the region. Read More

KCITP on the scene: Kansas City Google Fiber Launch!

We attended the Google Fiber launch event in KC! We’ll cover some of the highlights, package offerings/cost & how you can get access to the service. Read More

5 Kansas City Google Fiber Stories You Might Have Missed

You may have missed some of the top news stories on Google Fiber in Kansas City, so here are our top 5! Read More

Kansas City Google Fiber: over 100 miles Of Fiber Hung!

John Toccalino, a project manager for the gigabit implementation discusses progress updates Read More

A New Direction For Google Fiber in Kansas City?

Google has a bit of fun on April Fool’s day with this news. Read More

Symantec CEO talks Kansas City Google Fiber, Innovation, Startups & Leadership {VIDEO}

KCITP Founder Michael Gelphman sits down with Enrique Salem, CEO of Symantec to discuss gigabit connectivity, innovation, startups & leadership! Read More

The BBC asks: Can Google High Speed Internet Change Kansas City?

Thoughts from local people in the tech community on how this service might impact KC. Read More

Google Fiber Kansas City: edging technology can speed deployment

Learn about the edging technology that can help speed deployment of Google high speed internet in KC. Read More

Can Google Fiber Change Kansas City (Long_Exposure_2007-09-19_12 by Axel Schwenke, on Flickr)

Google Fiber Kansas City Mentioned By Eric Schmidt!

Learn what Eric Schmidt said when asked about what the ramifications might be for a gigabit speed network. Read More

Kansas City Google Fiber: Cable hanging begins today

According to an article in the the KC Star, high speed internet cable hanging begins today in Kansas City Kansas Read More

Stanford gets sneak preview of Google High Speed Internet! What Does It Mean For KC?

According to an article in the the KC Star, some of the staff & faculty at Stanford University got early access to gigabit speed connectivity via Google. What does it mean for KC? Read More

Kansas City Technology Hub

KC IT Professionals Founder Selected As A Judge For The Gigabit Challenge

The Gigabit Challenge is focused on unique applications that are enabled by Google’s first-in-the-nation 1 Gigabit Fiber network
Read More

Wall Street Journal lists KC as “Technology hub”, partly due to Google Fiber

Kansas City’s technology scene is in the news again, listed by The Wall Street Journal as a hub for Information Technology…partly due to the coming gigabit speed implementation! Read More

Kansas City Panorama

KC Google Fiber Update: Engineers starting next phase

In July, the team announced that the engineers were starting the next phase of the project. Read More

Google Fiber: We’re Coming To Kansas City, Missouri Too!

Google announced that they’re also rolling out gigabit connectivity to KCMO! Read More

Kansas City Information Technology Professionals: Community Reaction To Google Fiber, Excitement About Opportunities

Reactions from the community, excitement about getting involved in the future w/ this historic opportunity Read More