BBC Asks: Can Google Fiber Change Kansas City?

Can Google Fiber Change Kansas City (Long_Exposure_2007-09-19_12 by Axel Schwenke, on Flickr)

Can Google Fiber Change Kansas City?

The British Broadcasting Corporation recently covered Google’s High Speed Internet venture in Kansas City by asking:

“Google is installing super-fast fibre optic internet service in Kansas City. Will it usher in a new era in industry and society
– or just enable faster web browsing and media downloads?”

For answers, they queried multiple people in the KC tech community:

“This can be a game-changer. The opportunity for entrepreneurs is significant.” – Brett Rhodus (Read More)

“It can be a really great thing, and it can build a leadership position around that, but you’re also sort of a guinea pig, so if you’re not smart about how you use that opportunity you can be the bad example that somebody else learns from.” – Aaron Deacon (Read More)

“Once business people can collaborate and work together and they don’t have to worry about lag times – when you’re not frustrated with the limitations of internet speeds – things really start jiving and amazing things get done” – Dave Greenbaum (Read More)

How Do You Think Google Fiber Will Change Kansas City?

Although positive change was occurring before KC got picked for the gigabit project, this will certainly accelerate things into overdrive!

In the short term, here are some benefits we’ve noted prior to the deployment completion.

  1. Dialogue: KC has come alive with talk about the possibilities of this tremendous opportunity
  2. Recognition: It’s helped get some outside eyes on what’s happening here.

In terms of the long term impact of Google Fiber on Kansas City, here are a few of our thoughts.

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