“Big Data, What’s The Big Deal?” Keynote: The Future Of Insights {Video}

Kansas City Big Data: The Future Of InsightsWe’re excited to present the first of 3 videos from our Kansas City Big Data: The Future Of Insights event!

With 200+ people in attendance, Scott Kahler (Data Systems Administrator, Adknowledge) delivered the first keynote entitled “Big Data, What’s The Big Deal?”.

Scott Kahler, Data Systems Admin - Adknowledge

About Scott:

Scott Kahler maintains the role of Data Platform Admin at Adknowledge. Currently his projects involve working with various big data platforms such as Hadoop, Greenplum, Couchbase, GlusterFS and growing them through their continuous evolution and demand for more space. Scott has spent over a decade scaling web services, analytics and content platforms to meet the ever growing demands of the internet. Previous to bringing millions of users product messages he worked at at Universal Uclick to bring them daily entertainment.

Here are a few of the things he touched on during the keynote:

  • Why Are We Talking About Big Data?
  • What Does The Big Data Landscape Look Like Today?
  • Where to drive insights from w/ Big Data?
  • Where to start with Big Data?
  • ..and more
  • Keynote Video and SlideDeck

    Check out the presentation and follow along with his slide deck:

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    Here are the other 2 videos from our Kansas City Big Data: The Future Of Insights event!

    These videos include a panel and keynote, delivered by local Big Data Experts:

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